Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX

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Last weekend it was time, there was only one agenda item planned for the whole weekend, Blast Galaxy! Blast Galaxy is a unique arcade club located in the lively NDSM area of ​​Amsterdam. Upon entering, our eyes immediately fell on 2 unique cabinets, the legendary Outrun and Dariusburst: Another Chronicle.


Darius Burst: Another Chronicle is a horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game. It is part of the Darius series in space with robotic enemies with a water theme. Dariusburst: Another Chronicle is a 2010 game for the Arcade Hall and is a remix of Dariusburst. The game was largely extended and re-released in 2011 as Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX.

Dariusburst allows 1 and up to 4 players to play simultaneously; the largest number of players possible in every Darius game.

The players can choose between playing Default Entry, with 3 ships per coin, or Infinite Ships Entry, with infinite ships at the expense of extra coins and forfeits the highest score of the players.

Another Chronicle has two game modes:

Original Mode
Standard gameplay through 3 zones from a selection of 12 (A-L). Here the player chooses one of the 3 zones to start with and goes through two other zones in the traditional way.

Chronicle Mode
Here the players choose individual missions, consisting of rearranged levels and bosses, with different possible set parameters.

In addition, Another Chronicle EX has two more modes:

Original EX mode
Similar to Orginal Mode, but with 12 new and more difficult zones (O-Z).

Event Mode
Online missions with different selections of ships, lives, power-up configurations and bosses

In Another Chronicle you play with 4 ships, of which 3 return from Dariusburst.

  • Legend (Red)
  • Next (Blue)
  • Origin (Orange)
  • Formula (Green
Dariusburst Another Chronicle ships 1024x737
Dariusburst Another Chronicle Schepen 1024×737

EX adds another 4 extra ships:

  • 2nd (from Darius II)
  • Gaiden (from Darius Gaiden)
  • Assault (Blue)
  • Genesis (from G-Darius)

The Machine & Sounds 
Naturally we do not skip the sound as LoudLabs! Dariusburst has a special case with two 32-inch widescreen monitors placed next to each other for an extra wide screen cupboard and weighs 340,000 kg.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle
Dariusburst Another Chronicle

The speakers are placed at the height of your head and the sound blows straight into the ears. The case also has headphone jacks and body sonic seats. In combination with the soundtrack, Dariusburst AC can be named in one word, Ear-gasm!


Blast Galaxy
Blast Galaxy proves that the magic of the arcade today is just as strong and exciting as ever. The sounds, the lights, the beautiful cabinets, the Blast Galaxy team have collected the most amazing arcade games you can enjoy for as long as you want, without worrying about coins, with a single entrance fee.

Blast Galaxy
Mt. Lincolnweg 17
1033 SN

Tears in Rain
Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX