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Mega Man gets his own live action movie

Developer Capcom has announced that Mega Man will get his own live action film. Capcom tells Mega Man to give a personal film to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise.
In a press release, Capcom announces that the film is being directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who were previously involved in the production of films such as Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3. The film is also produced under the studio 20th Century Fox. The film should simply carry the title ‘MEGA MAN’.

The developer says he wants to reach several target groups with the film. The developer wants to reach not only game enthusiasts, but also lovers of action films. In this way Capcom wants to make the film accessible to more target groups. The Mega Man movie should keep the essence of games intact and at the same time incorporate the value of entertainment from a Hollywood movie


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