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NES games on Nintendo Switch Online playable with NES controllers

There will be special NES controllers that act as Joy-Cons for the Switch. This allows the classic NES games to be played via Nintendo Switch Online.
Earlier this week it was announced that the service will launch on September 19. With Nintendo Switch Online, players can now play games online, save saves on the cloud and play classic NES games. The controllers can be charged by sliding them on the Switch, just as Joy-Cons can.

The controllers can be ordered by Online members from the Nintendo website and cost 59.99 euros per pair. On that website you can also see the NES games that can be played unlimited from 19 September. These include Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, The Legend of Zelda and Yoshi.

The service, which costs 19.99 euros per year, also provides members with various offers. Nintendo mentions what those offers mean, at a later date.


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