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PewDiePie versus T-Series

The battle for the biggest YouTube channel in the world has broken loose. The channel of gamer PewDiePie has since 2013 the most subscribers (68.2 million), but that position is shaky now that the Indian media company T-Series comes very close with 67.7 million subs.

Of course you know PewDiePie. Behind the YouTube account is the Swedish Felix Kjellberg (29). In 2010 he started placing game videos. Now he has become the largest YouTuber in the world, known for The Bro Army, his army loyal fans.

But who is T-Series and how did this account receive almost twice as many subscribers in less than a year?

The Bro Army against India
That you have never heard of T-Series is not crazy. Honestly, we had no idea either. In Europe and America the account is not known everywhere, and in India they would be crazy for us.

T-Series is a record label from India that mainly places music videos and trailers on their channel. The company was founded in 1983 by the then 27-year-old Gulshan Kumar. He started with the production of covers on cassette tapes. At first they recorded mostly religious songs, but film songs soon followed.

T-Series made a YouTube account in 2006, placed the first video in 2010 and only started to grow extremely fast in 2017. Dennis Broekhof (25) is content creator at the, for many people, well-known YouTube channel Banjomovies. He had not really seen that PewDiePie would be kicked from his solitary throne. “It is the first time something like this happens. Pewdiepie has had the most subscribers for so long. Everyone thought: what he has done, no one will succeed anymore. ”

Live Stream
An exciting battle, FlareTV thought. With a livestream on Youtube, they keep an eye on the number of subscribers between the two since September 1st.

How is it possible that T-Series goes so hard out of nowhere?
Internet and every day just YouTuben. For us the most normal thing in the world, right? That is different in India. It is only in the past few years that the internet has started to play a more important role in a large part of India, and quickly as well. 4G is rapidly being rolled out to the most remote corners of the country, so that now at least five hundred million Indians are online. That is about 35 percent of the population, compared with only forty million people (or two percent of the population) in 2006.

YouTube alone has an average of 225 million Indian users per month. By far the majority of videos viewed by Indians, 95%, are not in English but in regional languages. ” T-Series has responded to that content by also creating a lot of extra channels with content especially for certain regions in India ”, thinks Dennis.

But also the channel is doing very well strategically, thinks Matt Gielen. The American is algorithm strategist at his company Little Monster Media. Put simply, he helps YouTubers to the public. ” T-Series places enough videos at the right times. This means that their videos quickly reach your YouTube homepage. ”

With companies at the top, YouTube will change
The loyal army of PewDiePie comes into action. ” Spam ‘F’ in the chat if you want PewDiePie to stay number one and T-Series dies ”, is hard to read between all ‘F’ reactions in the live stream chat.

Roni (16) is a big PewDiePie fan. He has seen all his videos, distributes merchandise and checks the countdown every day. For him it is a competition. “It is disturbed how fast T-Series grows. They would actually only win at the end of November, but it will happen much faster, I think. ”

Roni is afraid that large companies such as T-Series will disown individual YouTubers. ” I think things will change a lot if companies with hundreds of employees take over YouTube. You get less personal content. People who manage an account on their own then have to make more effort to stand out in the algorithm. ”

That is why Roni is actively recruiting Pewd fans. “” I’ve been calling people for a year to create three Google accounts and subscribe to PewDiePie. He is the best, “he says.

Cheats and subbots

On Reddit and Quora it was rumored that you automatically subscribe to T-Series when you create a Google account in India, but that is not true. YouTube does not connect unfair deals with accounts, Dennis and Matt know.

Especially PewDiePie fans claim that T-Series uses subbots. These are written programs that create fake accounts and subscribe to accounts, like you also have fake followers on Insta. “YouTube was around the world today, and T-Series continued to receive subscribers. T-Series will only get between 10,000 and 30,000 views per video ”, lukepewd writes in the livestream chat.

Bitch lasagna

But how hard is this battle for Mr.YouTubeWorldWide? Is it a clash of the titans? Is it smashed with burns and do the channels try to kick each other into the figurative YouTube well?

Well no. PewDiePie has thrown the disstrack ‘bitch lasagne’ on his channel, but that was especially funny. It does not interest him so much, he says himself in a video. ” There will be another platform if YouTube becomes a place for business content. Viewers love this personal connection, and look for it again. ”

T-Series also said in an interview that they are not too busy with it. ” PewDiePie is a good channel, but there is no competition between us. We have a completely different target group. ”

What’s the biggie?
The biggest YouTube channel in the world: how many people do not dream of it today? “It’s ultimately about the glory,” says Dennis. ” PewDiePie is a solo creator. Everyone understands that such a boy can not take on a million company. ”

And that is not necessary at all, thinks Matt. ” There is still a huge audience looking for YouTubers with whom they can connect in an authentic, direct way. That is the whole basis that made YouTube great, and something that large commercial companies are generally not good at. ”

Once, says Roni. ” PewDiePie may not be number one in terms of subscribers, he will remain the biggest YouTuber. That is a comfort for his fans. ”



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