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Possible images of new Harry Potter game leaked

Possible images of new Harry Potter game leaked

Images have appeared online of what looks like a new Harry Potter game.
The off-screen images last longer than a minute and show a new Harry Potter rpg with all sorts of famous locations, characters, spells and monsters from the movies and books.

The leaked images would have been used for a focus group, to test the audience if such a game would be appreciated. Someone on Reddit would have received these images and associated information.

According to the Reddit visitor it concerns an open-world action rpg around a character who is admitted with his unique qualities at Hogwarts. When players arrive, strange things happen in the Forbidden Forest and in the castle. Players would put together their own character.

Although there is no evidence yet that the images are real, there are rumors that Batman: Arkham City-studio Rocksteady would develop the game. Rocksteady is owned by Warner Bros., so that could certainly be a possibility.

Another possibility is that Avalanche Software works on the game. In April last year, this developer searched for “a talented storyteller with knowledge of British culture and grammatical views”.


All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain

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